Members Terms, Conditions & Expectations

The committee of the Scotch College Old Collegians & Community Rowing Club (SCOCCRC) asks that all members and membership applicants familiarize themselves with the following Terms and Conditions of Membership. By applying for or renewing membership at SCOCCRC, each member/applicant agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, the SCOCCRC Constitution and all other policies, all of which are available upon request.


The SCOCCRC has been created to encourage the participation of the broad community represented as old collegians, parents, friends and supporters of the College in the enjoyment and collegiality of rowing. The clubs mandate is one of inclusiveness, teamwork and good sportsmanship.

Its charter is to promote fitness, fun and friendship amongst the broader Scotch rowing community and to support our student rowers. Members of the club will be training and housed in the Scotch College Boatshed on the River Torrens. Scotch presently leases racks/bays to the following: Dragon Boats South Australia and St Peters Girls. Along with the main school program running at West Lakes, from the end of 2014, Year 7/8 Scotch students will be training weekly at the River Torrens.

Members of the SCOCCRC must not only respect these programs but also use ONLY the racks that have been provided. The SCOCCRC will have a coordinator/coach who will provide coaching, assistance and be the liaison of any maintenance or other requests that may arise. The school’s Director of Rowing, Mr. Toby Lister ultimately is in charge of the program and will be making any and all necessary decisions related to the availability of facilities, boats and coaching.

General Conditions:

1. The membership period runs from 1st September to 31st August the following year, with fees payable in advance.

2. Failure by a member to renew their membership by 15th October (i.e. within 6 weeks after the due date) shall result in the automatic termination of their membership on this date, with subsequent loss of membership privileges.

3. Pro-rata memberships are not available to renewing members, and may only be offered to new applicants for membership wishing to join the club after 1st January each year.

4. With the exception of pro-rata subscriptions, Learn-to-Row and Intermediate courses, short- term memberships shall not be offered unless by prior arrangement with the SCOCCRC committee.

Admission to Membership:

5. Payment of membership fees must accompany the application for membership.

6. Applications without payment will not be processed.

7. All applications for membership are subject to Committee approval. It is unlikely event that an application is rejected by the Committee, the Applicant shall be notified in writing and all payments shall be refunded. (less any outstanding debts that may be owed to the club in the event of a former Member seeking re-admission to membership).

Financial Standing of Members:

8. All members are obligated to maintain a good financial standing with the Club at all times.

9. SCOCCRC reserves the right to withhold approval of transfer requests from ex-members to move to compete for another club until all outstanding debts are addressed.

10. Former members who leave the Club as a result of an unpaid outstanding debt shall be required to address the debt prior to re-joining the club. In addition, the Committee reserves the right to reject applications to re-join the Club if the applicant has an outstanding debt to either SCOCCRC or to another rowing club.

Categories of Membership & Entitlement:

11. There are three levels of membership at SCOCCRC with entitlements as per the table below:

Learn to Row Student Member Active Member
Cost $350 pp $tba pp $550 pp
10 Week Coached Program Yes No No
Boat/ Equipment Use Yes Yes Yes
Equipment Maintenance Yes Yes Yes
Coaching Yes No No
Rowing SA Affiliation Fee No No No
Torrens Boatshed Rent Yes Yes Yes
Weekly Use 1 3 3
Regatta Registration Fee No No No
Clothing No No No

* All prices are subject to change.

12. Additional costs to memberships:

Description Cost (Per Person)
– Full Season $tba
– Half Year (July – Dec) $tba
– Half Year (Jan – June) $tba
Zoot Suit $tba

* All prices are subject to change.

13. After the 10 weeks of the Learn to Row program, if a rower decides to stay on with the club then the difference between the Learn to Row and Casual/Active member amount is required to be paid.

14. Casual members are permitted to cox (both in training and competition) but are not eligible to row in any crew.

15. Any member wishing to upgrade their membership partway through the season may do so by contacting the Secretary and paying the difference in membership fees.

Equipment Usage:

16. Boat usage and allocation is not a ‘free-for-all’ and is controlled by the Club Captain & Director of Rowing.

17. The Club has a variety of boats of different sizes, crew weight, configuration and condition. These factors together with the crew’s ability and needs of other crews are factors that affect the allocation of equipment. Certain boats may be reserved for particular crews based on ability and need.

18. Members are entitled to use Club equipment only after demonstrating to the satisfaction of the Captain or their delegate that they are competent in the proper use of the equipment.

19. Non-members are strictly prohibited from using SCOCCRC boats or equipment unless by prior written agreement that covers matters of usage, insurance and liability.

20. RESPECT for the rowing clubs equipment and facilities is paramount to the sustainability of the Club.

Boatshed Access & Security:

21. The Club captain and coach will be issued with keys to allow independent access to the boatshed in accordance with Scotch College’s security conditions.

Regattas & Competition:

22. The Captain, Coach or delegate only manages entry into regattas.

23. Non-financial members shall not be registered or entered into regattas under any circumstances.

24. Any member wishing to compete at any regatta, including coxswains, must have a valid/current Rowing SA registration. Rowing SA registrations for SCOCCRC members are managed by the Secretary (or delegate).

25. Rowing SA registration fees, race/seat fees and any other costs associated with competition must be paid in full prior to any entries, bookings or registration requests being submitted.

26. Membership subscriptions do not include any costs associated with competition, and all costs associated with participating at a regatta must be covered in full by participating members.

a. This includes any entry fees, accommodation, transport, boat hire, boat transport, car hire, food, petrol, flights and other costs required to compete.

b. SCOCCRC may, at it’s discretion arrange to organise the above items, subject to pre-payment. Entries will not be submitted or approved by SRC until all crew members have paid their share of the estimated costs.

c. Participating members will be invoiced for any further additional out-of-pocket costs after the event such as fines, damage to equipment or if the actual costs exceed the preliminary estimate. Conversely, if any excess funds remain after the event, these will be refunded by each participating member for their share of the estimated costs proportionately to the participating members.

Damage to Club Equipment:

27. Damage to boats and equipment must be reported as soon as possible to the Captain and/or Coach to expedite repairs.

28. Any member who carelessly or negligently damages, or causes to be damaged, any property of the Club shall be liable for the damage sustained and the cost of any repairs not covered by the Club’s insurance policies, including any insurance excess.

Member Behaviour & Expected Commitments:

29. Members are expected to help maintain the Club equipment and facilities, both by taking due care during training and competition, and by participating in organised work sessions and fundraising events during the season.

30. SCOCCRC adopts the Rowing SA Code of Conduct and requires all members to observe this code and conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the Colleges ethos and values.

Liability Waiver:

31. The use of facilities & equipment of the Scotch College OC & C Rowing Club shall be at the member’s own risk, and that the club, it’s officers and members, shall have no liability for any injuries or damage resulting from such use.

32. Without limiting the above general waiver, any assistance rendered by the Club or any of it’s Officers in arranging transportation for any person is done as an accommodation, and the Club, it’s Officers and Members shall have no liability for the consequences of any assistance in arranging transportation. Members are free to make their own travel arrangements.

33. SCOCCRC accepts no responsibility or liability for the private property that is left unattended on the Club’s premises.

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